The Voice Teens Live Rounds • Semifinals

Hey readers! It’s the finale of The Voice Teens! 🙂

In just a few short moments we are going to know the first teen winner of The Voice in Asia. But it’s not that without a slew of performances from the artists, so before we move on let’s take a look back at what happened during last week’s semifinals. #throwback

I know I’m quite late for this but at least I’m already back at blogging! I was only way too busy coming up with an idea for the next video but ended up with another photo transformation. Anyways, here you go ↓

Note: I missed half of the live shows as I was invited to a family reunion at that time.

Also, I voted for Mica. YAY!


Nisha – “Can’t Take That Away From Me”

When I first knew Nisha, I thought she was the most talented among her team mates who advanced to the live shows. I have to be honest, but her semis performance was not one of her best. I still ♥ her though.

Coach’s score – 95

Jona – “The Greatest Love Of All”

Jona has already been amazing, but her performance was her best. She performed as if it’s already the finale! And considering that she is thirteen? Just watch above ↑

Coach’s score – 97

Advanced as Team Sarah representative:


Chan – “A Song For You”

For the semis, Chan sang a song that has been relentlessly performed at auditions for American Idol. Speaking of, I missed it. And now it’s back. Yes, expect a new season coming to you next year.

Back to The Voice. So Chan did very remarkably with this one. This is already a huge improvement from last week’s. So much better. I’m just not sure though about his chances since Mica was yet to perform. And you know Mica.

Coach’s score – 90

Mica – “Loving You”

Surprise. She did not sing opera! Yay to those people who wanted her to sing other than opera because you wanted to see her do something else; you got what you wanted. She’s proving something! Once again. She proved to us that while opera is her thing, she can also do some non-opera and still do impressive. Complete with the whistle tone ala Mariah Carey. Versatility at its finest.

She clearly deserved another round.

Coach’s score – 95

Advanced as FamiLea representative:

For more of FamiLea, read more about the Knockouts live blog.


This is a little random:

Sarah Geronimo celebrated her birthday during the Saturday night, and all her team mates returned for a visit! Also, she promoted her movie called “Finally Found Someone”.

Back to The Voice Teens. ↓


Emarjhun – “Butterfly”

For the next two teams, I’ll be writing according to how I saw the performances online last Sunday. And I’ll also have to assume that I knew the final 4, because I knew.

Emarjhun was one of the people whom I wanted to see whom I missed. He has always been incredible, and always will be, but honestly I just wished he chose a different song. I can see why he did not go through. Huhu 😭

Coach’s score – 92

Lala – “You and I”

Among the two left for Kamp Kawayan, it seems that Lala is the most ready. In a very similar manner with Mica, Lala also has the complete package — she’s pretty, talented, has stage presence, very down to earth and clearly knows who she is as an artist. Her semis is no exception.

However.. she’s so underrated! Not only that, she’s even getting bashed! I think she’s been reading stuff like, “she only got through because of her father”, like this like that. But come on, now is the time to rethink everything. Lala deserves to be recognized more only because she is talented and she is ready. Her performance was one of Sunday night’s best. Ooh Lala.

Coach’s score – 93 (close fight, beh)

Advanced as Kamp Kawayan representative:


Jeremy – “Sign Of The Times”

Being a some sort of a sure entry into the final 4 as Team Sharon’s bet, to attest this Jeremy chose a song by Harry Styles. Not bad, actually. I can see why he got in — he even showed to viewers that he can play the piano. Well done!

Coach’s score – 98

Christy – “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

Until I’ve seen Christy’s, all that time I was thinking that Lala won the night. But, no. It was Christy. And, no! I knew Jeremy got in but I wished it could have been Christy.

Here’s the thing: It seems that Christy did the job cut out for Mica that night. Since Mica did not perform opera, I think Christy did her share this time through performing some musical theater stuff. Very impressive. Considering that she was even sick.

Although she had a bit of a pitch problem by the end, Sharon called that “negligible” or something and I agree — but I suppose that it was the reason for not being sent through. Despite that, I thought Christy could have went further because hers was one of the best, and definitely my clear favorite for the night.

Coach’s score – 92

Advanced as Team Sharon representative:



Team Sarah: Jona Soquite
FamiLea: Mica Becerro
Kamp Kawayan: Isabela Vinzon
Team Sharon: Jeremy Glinoga

You can catch them tonight and tomorrow on The Voice Teens finale at 7pm!

You are also invited to vote for them!

Text VOICE (space) name of artist to 2366 or click here to vote online.

*text: all networks, only 1 vote per sim
*Google voting: make sure you are logged in to your Google account, 1 vote per Google account

For now what do you think about the results? Who among the final 4 is your favorite? And who do you think will win? Leave your thoughts in the comments below ↓ and I’ll see you soon. Bye!


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