The Voice Teens Live Rounds • Week One

Hey readers! Welcome back to my blog! See, I told you I’ll be back for the live rounds! But this is not a live blog because you are only reading this today!

At this point the Top 12 teen artists have already been named —

FamiLea: Mica, Chan and Patricia
Team Sharon: Alessandra, Christy and Jeremy
Team Sarah: Jona, Ivan and Nisha
Kamp Kawayan: Queenie, Lala and Emarjhun

We begin with the live rounds this week, and I must say that everyone did fantastic! What made this competition even more interesting is that all artists have different musical styles and sing different genres – whether it be pop, ballad, soul or even opera. That will make their coaches’ decisions even harder!

The downside, however, had something to do with the voting. A lot of us on Twitter had a problem with that last Saturday, especially to everyone who voted for FamiLea.

OMG I followed exactly all instructions for text and online voting and I even unfollowed a lot of them.. and none of these worked. I texted “VOICE MICA” using all devices I can use; I did not receive a confirmation text. 😥

Worse, when I finally almost got it for online….


Can someone give an explanation about this?

Lea’s supposed to be in there, not Sharon’s! I wonder if this will be brought up to the producers someday. Because unless they take action, then there must be manipulation. And the results will not definitely be fair and in accordance with the voters. Anyway, at least it has improved the next day and I was finally able to vote for my favorite.

Moving on, after all three artists from each team performed, only two of them will be saved – one by the voting public, and another by the coach – and advance to the next round.

Here is how I would rank each team’s performances this week:



3. Chan – “Overjoyed”

Although everyone from FamiLea did not disappoint, Chan’s just happens to be at the bottom of the list. It was not bad, in fact the beginning was impressive.. but at this stage of the competition, everyone has to do great, not good. I don’t think he went as far as that, considering that he also had some pitch problems towards the middle of his song. I don’t know. But at least he did not mess up. What do you think, readers?

2. Patricia – “Fix You”

Great. She sang Coldplay. She made my day! Coldplay is one of my favorite bands and her take on one of their songs did not disappoint.

The problem is that once they got into the chorus, the band was starting to overpower her singing. I was wondering, was it me or her or was it just the TV? Anyway, Patricia did a great job, and coming from a fan, her singing Coldplay is highly appreciated.

1. Mica – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

As much as I want to talk about her stunning number, we cannot proceed further with the soprano girl without an honorable mention of The Imaginary Life‘s latest YouTube video. If you have not seen the full version of 100 Years of Beauty with Mica as the model, please do so and also don’t forget to give that video a thumbs up. And just recently I wrote the “research behind the looks”; you can check that out if you want to learn more about the video.

Now, for her performance. I don’t know what else to say. She sang her song very beautifully. But then I noticed something.. wait a minute. She’s not singing opera. But still doing incredibly. She’s proving something, guyth. She’s proving something! And when she finally transitioned to her more operatic part.. I was like, oh.. my.. god. That was the best I ever heard from her in ages! Of course coach Lea was more than proud. She tried to move out of her comfort zone – not completely, though – but she proved to us that she can sing both opera and non-opera and still do incredibly well. For sure a spot next week is guaranteed. Trust me. As if! Great way to start everything! Certainly the best from FamiLea.

Saved by the votes (or in this case, maybe the bell): Mica
Saved by Lea: Chan

Looks like I didn’t have to worry, then. 😌

For more of FamiLea, read more about the Knockouts live blog.


3. Christy – “Shine”

Although my fave from the Mega Team, this stolen artist may find herself at the bottom of this list only by a slight edge. Everyone from Team Sharon did equally fine that Saturday night, that we cannot tell which is which. Alessandra is more of a soulful type; Christy is more of a pop singer and Jeremy touches our hearts most of the time. Christy only happens to be at #3 because of a few pitch problems somewhere in the middle, which Sharon called it ‘negotiable’, anyway. It was not bad, however, as Christy after all remains to be my favorite artist from this team.

2. Jeremy – “How Did You Know”

As always, Jeremy did his finest with his song. Great job. But I have an issue though concerning his reputation as artist. (my opinion and don’t take it against me haha)

I don’t know with you, readers, but for me I really think that Jeremy is becoming a bit overrated. Not to say that he is a bad performer or something; it’s just that he’s been given more attention than how his talent suggests. I know that because I’ve been on Twitter most of the time. He has significantly more fans than any of his team mates, but when it comes to talent, he does not stand out in Team Sharon, not because he’s not good, but because there is no clear frontrunner in Team Sharon. Everyone is equally talented and they are all different performers. As for his performance, well.. not bad! He did it again.

1. Alessandra – “The Way We Were”

I’m not even sure if she should be at #1! Jeremy could be #1. Well Alessandra is quite the opposite of Jeremy because she’s so underrated. But anyway what I can say about Alessandra is that she really pulled that Barbra Streisand out of her. Great job!

Saved by the votes: Jeremy
Saved by Sharon: Christy



3. Ivan – “Pagbigyang Muli”

I assume that his team mate Jona was just being born when that song that Ivan sang was released. Gosh. I’m feeling so old! #MiddleSchoolThrowback

Anyways, at 16, Ivan surely made the 13-year-old song his own. Not completely perfect, but I can see the effect of participating in more than 100 singing contests back in his day. Well done.

2. Nisha – “All I Ask”

From her solid knockout performance, Nisha showed her softer side by hitting up Adele. Great as always. :mrgreen:

1. Jona – “Symphony”

Like with Sharon’s, everyone from Team Sarah also did equally well because each showed off their edges over their team mates. But I’m picking Jona to win this round because of all performances this week, this is the only time for anyone to perform some EDM on the live shows! That only shows that she can also be contemporary.

Saved by the votes: Nisha
Saved by Sarah: Jona


3. Queenie – “Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata”

Over the weekend everyone was doing really fine.. until Queenie finally took the stage.

Since Mica, it was the only time that I got goooosies from The Voice Teens! I may not know her that much, but now I realized how talented she is. Her performance was so on point, even if she kind of missed a note somewhere at the end. Well done, Queenie!

2. Lala – “What A Girl Wants”

Lala has been one of my ~other~ favorites, because of everyone in the competition let alone in Kamp Kawayan, she’s the most ready, she has a stable fanbase, and thanks to her father she also has the experience, not just with music but with the entire industry.

Last Sunday, Lala gave an absolutely enticing performance of “What A Girl Wants” and coach Bamboo did not regret selecting her for the live shows. Another proof that she is ready. We were on our feet.

1. Emarjhun – “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

Attention to anyone who thinks that Mica (or anyone) won this week’s live shows, wait until you hear the final song.. get ready, cause here comes the besh! #EpekMode #LabanGurl

Emarjhun closed everything this week with what would become the besh of the night! Chos. No, really. It was clearly the best of Sunday night. Him and Mica are really perfect bookenders to this week’s live shows, as it turns out that they were my top two performers this week. No doubt that he stunned everyone, including the coaches — so much, that all four gave him a standing ovation!!!! All. Four.

Because he’s so incredible!

And because he sang “It’s A Man’s World”, apparently besh is now giving a shoutout to beshie. Someone’s now giving Clark Beckham a run for his money! #YayyssssGurl ~hair flip~

Saved by the votes: Emarjhun
Saved by Bamboo: Lala

And this rounds out the final 8! You’ll see them next week performing again for the coaches and for your votes, so come join me again next week for another coverage of the live shows where we reveal the final 4.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite! ↓

To vote through text: Text voice (name of artist) and send to 2366. (all networks)

To vote online, click here once voting lines are open.

And most importantly.. pray that the voting will not fail us this time.

Note: Only one vote per team per sim/Google account only. Just make sure you are signed in to your Google account when voting online. 🙂

Are you satisfied with the results? Who among everyone gave the best performance? Who is your favorite artist?

Leave your thoughts on the comments below ↓ and I’ll see you next week. Bye!


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