100 Years of Beauty • Research Behind The Looks

When it came to online videos, the theme “100 Years of Beauty” never gets old. But since I wanted to do something a bit different, I have decided to create a photo-transformation video.. and dedicate this to the viewers of The Voice Teens. Sounds weird, but why not?

The latest video for this blog’s YouTube channel, 100 Years of Beauty (full version), had The Voice Teens finalist Mica Becerro transform into different looks from different eras over a span of 100 years. Last July 2nd I uploaded a 30 second version of the video, and tonight the full version is now on YouTube as well.

Mica, who’s part of Team Lea, just advanced into the live shows, so you can see her perform tonight on the show. And if you have been following along with this blog, then you must know really well that I am rooting for the “soprano girl” in the competition.

Besides her angelic operatic soprano voice, her morena beauty can also be her asset. Mica is a great example of what true Filipina beauty may look like. Without make-up, she’s pretty. Given her golden brown complexion, the 17-year-old has a very flexible beauty that can easily be transformed digitally into several iconic looks. Once I hit the YouCam app, I knew that she can be transformed into a century of beauty icons – as timeless as Clara Bow and Elizabeth Taylor, and as contemporary as Maine Mendoza.

For this video I used the YouCam app on my phone to get her makeup digitally done, and the results were incredible. For her clothing, I searched on Google, as well as websites like myfreepng.com, for several pieces of clothing and you can check a full list of all the sources here. I also did some serious editing on Pixlr before and after I hit YouCam.

The original photo

I chose this following image of Mica for the video and it’s from Instagram user @micabecerro.teamb, which is a fan account. You probably have seen this in another blog post.

Her hair was tied back, and her face makes it easy and flexible enough for me to put make-up on, which makes it the perfect photograph for the video. And OMG she’s looking so fly! Would you just look at that? ↑


For the 1910s, I chose to go with an Edwardian era-inspired look. Hats were very prevalent during the decade, and so was big hair. The “Gibson girl” is probably the era’s most definitive pin-up, so that was where I got the inspiration for Mica’s look 100 years ago.


The 1920s was an era defined by heavy eye makeup, dark lip color and this whole flapper culture, so it is not surprising that Mica’s look will be patterned after the archetypal flapper girl, remniscient of movies like “The Great Gatsby”, among others.

While there were so many flapper outfits for her to digitally “wear” for this look, I went with black as it is inspired by no less, the original “it girl”, Clara Bow, who introduced us to the little black dress.


In contrast to the 1920s, fashion and beauty in the 1930s became limited due to the Great Depression. In spite of this, I chose to go with the decade’s classic Hollywood glamour, since the “talkies” were about to take off, anyway.

Jean Harlow is among my favorite actresses from the 1930s, and with that I based Mica’s look on her classic platinum blonde look that she’s best known for. The result was incredible, and her resemblance with the “blonde bombshell” is uncanny.


Women’s fashion in the 1940s consist of clothing worn by women when they entered the workforce to fill in for men, who served in the war. Although the classic forties look was characterized by victory rolls and a red lip, for this look I decided to emulate Ingrid Bergman’s look.

Known for her lead role in the 1942 movie “Casablanca”, Ingrid is my favorite actress from the era. Her look is very natural, while still maintaining the classic 1940s look. Mica looked very much like the Swedish actress once I made the edit.


While Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are personally my favorite actresses from the 1950s, I decided to have Mica go the iconic Monroe route and pattern her look after Elizabeth Taylor. OMG she looked exactly like Liz once I had her makeup done!

Heavy eye makeup, especially the “cat eye”, was prevalent during the fifties, so I kind of capitalized her look on that. Also, Liz is best known for her iconic brows.. and I must say that Mica really nailed them! Honestly I must say that she’s prettier than Elizabeth Taylor herself. Would you agree?


The 1960s saw a drastic reinvention in beauty trends, with the introduction of false eyelashes (falsies) and the “mod” look, so I went with that for soprano girl’s sixties look. I do not have any particular inspiration for this look, but I think I kind of made Twiggy a reference for her falsies.


A lot of interesting things happened during the 1970s, so this is a little tricky. The seventies was a very diverse decade, since subcultures like hippie, disco and punk emerged. But for Mica’s 70s look, I wanted her to go with the hippie look – while maintaining a few key beauty trends from the era such as glossy lips and feathery hair.


When it came to fashion and beauty, the 80s was a decade of experimentation – I’m talking about neon colors, bright makeup and big hair. Let’s also not forget cans of hairspray being all used up just to be cool.

We can always have so many variations of the 80s look, but my inspiration for Mica will be English singer Kim Wilde. Besides her songs, any look of hers is always era-appropriate, whether it was in the 90s or in the 80s. She’s really pretty, and she precisely emulated exactly what the 80s is about.

Although Kim is a blonde, I wanted Mica to go brunette for this one because AMAP I want to be faithful with her natural hair color (30s is an exception). Either way she resembled so closely to Kim and she looked stunning!


Like the 70s, the 90s was also diverse when it came to trends in fashion and beauty, but it is clear that grunge and teen pop were prevalent. The 90s makeup look include a more minimalistic blush and eyeshadow, thin eyebrows, and lip shades of nudes and browns.

Knowing that today’s look borrowed a lot of elements from the 90s, I decided to go a little more authentic for Mica. For this reason I went for the “Saved By The Bell”-inspired ringlets for her hair instead of a messy bun I originally intended to go with, and I also ditched the choker necklace because that would make her look a lot like the 2010s. As always she looked stunning, and this is actually one of my favorite Mica looks.

If you want more of the 90s, don’t worry! I’ll soon upload another photo transformation featuring Mica in 90s looks.


There isn’t any distinct trend or characteristic for the ‘aughts as fashion got extremely diverse by the turn of the millennium.

In that sense, I noticed that some creators associate the 2000s best with the early 2000s; however, for this video I chose to go with the late 2000s. It was the time period that I know so much better, since I was in high school at the time. Also, the trends during that time have resonated with me strongly.

For my inspirations, I recall those days back in 2008 when I was playing dress up games on the internet, so based from these images then that would be it.??


Based from experience, fashion nowadays involves a lot of experimentation and recycling of past trends such as the nineties. There were so many options when it comes to the 2010s, and with that I decided that soprano girl Mica will emulate the look of Dubsmash queen Maine Mendoza when she went to Maldives last June. Again, there are so many options (Mainiee has so many different looks while in Maldives and she’s so PRETTY) but eventually I went with the one shoulder body suit look in this photo.

Mica never really looked that incredible as Maine. This is definitely one of her best looks for me. Bonus! Today we also celebrated AlDub’s 2nd anniversary today, so this is precisely the right time. 🙂


If you like the video then please give that a thumbs up; also please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and expect to see more of that in the coming days! 😉

On behalf of Mica, I’m also inviting you to watch The Voice Teens Philippines TONIGHT at 7 on ABS-CBN! Live rounds begin tonight, so if you’re also rooting for Mica then you’ll have to vote for her as well by either text (just watch the show for instructions) or by clicking here. (You must log in though to your Google account)

See you around! 💓💓

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