FamiLea LIVE BLOG • The Voice Teens Philippines

Hey hey, welcome back to my blog and tonight I just did something a bit different – I am doing a live blog for the very first time! It’s more of a reaction video-type except that it’s in the written form. Don’t worry though, sooner or later I’ll also be putting out a reaction video or so.

Tonight I’m documenting the FamiLea (Team Lea Salonga) knockout rounds from The Voice Teens Philippines, not only because my fave girl, Mica Beccerro, is there; I was like.. why not? The rationale here is that, I’ve always wanted to try live-blog basically any TV show that is on, and thinking that I’ve only started watching The Voice Teens during the battle rounds (hence catching up with the blinds on YouTube), I thought that FamiLea night is the best night for me to cover in this blog.

ICYDK FamiLea is the nickname given to the team of Ms. Lea Salonga, a Filipina musical theater pioneer who has been recognized internationally and even won Tony awards.

With that, it’s no denying that all of Lea’s artists are really incredibly talented teenagers and they’ll definitely impart something new to the music industry in one way or another. Not to be bias though, but personally for this competition Mica is my clear fave and I’ll tell you why as you read on. But for now I kind of channeled this excitement I’ve had for tonight in this video I just created and I wanted to share how pretty Mica is.. and how she can also transform into celebrities from different eras and nationalities, from Elizabeth Taylor to Kim Wilde to Maine Mendoza.

Now we begin. I’m ready. 😂

6:56 pm The Voice Teens is finally ON!!!! It was supposed to be at 7pm, but I definitely won’t mind seeing the show a few minutes earlier.

For the knockouts, the coach will group her artists into three groups of three. The artists will compete against each other within the group, after which the coach will choose one winner from each group to advance into the live rounds. Turns out, three artists from each team will advance into the live shows! Yay!

In this case, Lea will now assemble her teen artists into three groups. It’s now time for her to name who among her babies will take the stage first.

..and by the way, there will be no steal for the knockouts, so good luck.

6:59 pm Brandon vs 🐚 vs MY GIRL MICA!💓

(shell emoji initially not intended but pushed anyway)

7:03 pm Brandon – “Panalangin”

Brandon dedicated this song to his celebrity crush, Janella Salvador. Not bad for an inspiration. Hey I have a crush too – Mica! 😂 Don’t worry, I won’t march in the Pride March pero love wins pa rin. But Chan has a crush, too and I’ll tell you more later.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to business. Thanks to that inspiration, dude, what a way to kick off the FamiLea knockouts! He did more than what I expected from him tonight. And Lea was so proud while watching him in her chair! It was pure, it was emotional, and he never failed to connect to viewers. Nice job, Brandon! And thank you, Janella. I’m gonna tweet this to her!

7:07 pm Shell – “Somewhere Out There”

Next is Shell, whom I first knew on June 11 (during battle rounds). Like Brandon, Shell is also another person whom I did not expect anything more than what I know is her best. They’re clear dark horses let alone in FamiLea, and it really showed in their performances. Hers is not an exception. I don’t know. I guess this is an interesting round, and this is also proof that one may not even need to sing opera just to catch up with Mica, a four-chair turner who hasn’t performed yet at this time.

At this point Lea must be having a tough time by then.

7:07 pm Isn’t there a steal?? All of them were ah-may-zingggg!!!!

Except Mica.

Oh yeah, she hasn’t performed yet! All the more that I am nervous. 😭

Mica – “Think of Me”

“Soprano Girl”. Nice nickname, huh. Nag effort din kayo. 😶

Anyway Mica sings opera again, in the sense that it is actually from the soundtrack of “The Phantom Of The Opera”. As expected. Good as always, and once again you made coach Lea suuuuper proud! (BTW notice how she Dubsmash Mica at the beginning of her song?)

The problem though is that she now had to compete for a place in the live rounds against two other singers who were extremely talented even if they didn’t have to sing opera. In all honesty I still liked her earlier performances better, but that is not to say that it was bad. From a certain standpoint, I’m more than glad that she was able to show her other side – that she can sing opera in English, too! And she did it beautifully, so to speak.

With regards to her backstory of her grandma dying, I can so relate! Haha. Because almost ten years ago my maternal grandmother passed away and I was 14, so yeah I know the feeling. It may not be her best of all three she had delivered so far, but she felt every single bit of the song and also took a cue from Lea during rehearsal when she told her about her pronounciation. When she took the stage, she let everything go and did her piece flawlessly. That’s the important thing. I’m sure her grandma in heaven will be very happy.

7:14 pm At this point Lea finally decides who goes through to the next round. For now let’s see who the other coaches have chosen, should they be the coach.

Sarah – Brandon
Bamboo – Mica
Sharon – Brandon

Because of this mixed reception from other coaches with regards to this round, then this must suggest an interesting round. Of course, I’m all the more nervous!

If you’ll ask me, every single contestant deserves to advance, but only one has to go through. While I like Mica so so much and I am clearly rooting for her, at one point I thought I was expecting that Brandon will get the spot. Huhu. 😥

But in the end, it all has to be up to coach Lea.


And now I breathe.

7:35 pm Chan vs Felipe vs Julian

Julian – “All Of Me”

This is the part where I’ll now watch the rest of Team Lea with all smiles and a sigh of relief. My fave got through!

Anyway I have not seen most of this performance, but based on my observation it was just fine. Well let’s see what happens later and see if he goes through to the live rounds, after the other two will perform.

Chan – “The Last Time”

After seeing this performance, I can just claim that he has improved a lot from his battles performance. This is so much better.

Wait.. Lea said something about his crush. Chan must have a crush on one of the contestants! Sharon, assuming that it is her, told Chan that she is married.

Whoever she is must answer him. Chan is just way too likeable. Way, way too likeable. Just answer him! Conspiracy theory: Chan’s crush must be Mica Becerro. Is that true? It’s not yet confirmed so far, but I really wanted it to be true! But the more important thing is how that became an inspiration for him to perform well (much like Brandon) and it shows.

PS. With regards to Chan and Mica, how should we call them? Chica? Sounds terrible.

Felipe – “Usok”

And then there’s this reggae kid. Lea was right about him. His influence was really strong in his performance, even if he does not have the best voice. Case in point – Lea said Felipe even made his competitors as his backup dancers! That was how influential he can be.

About 7ish pm Sharon calls for adoption.

7:37 pm CHAN joins Mica in the live shows, reppin’ FamiLEA!

7:45 pm Erica vs Sophia vs Patricia

7:45 pm Lea: “They’re all beautiful singers with beautiful voices” (and beautiful faces)

7:46 pm Did Felipe just borrowed Lala’s (Team Bamboo) Nirvana shirt? God bless Kurt Cobain.

7:50 pm Erica – “I Have Nothing”

Erica was fine for the most part.. but I have to say that she had some pitch issues in the middle. Well.. she might have a chance.

7:54 pm Patricia – “Ang Buhay Ko”

So it turns out, this is the knockout for FamiLea’s stolen artists. Patricia and Sophia both respectively belonged to Bamboo and Sarah, and Lea adopted them after both lost their own battles and now she made them compete for the knockout which makes it interesting.

Anyway, while Erica did not do bad.. as soon as Patricia took the stage, we knew we had a clear winner already.

7:54 pm Now who’s the last teenager to join Chan and Mica in the live rounds? Probably Patricia. Even if I have not even seen the last performer (Sophia). I can already see Patricia going through.

Well let’s see what happens when this next performer finally takes the stage.↓

8:02 pm Sophia – “Narito Ako”

8:04 pm See, I told you it’s gonna be Patricia. 😉

And so that was attested. Sophia did not do bad either, but I do think that she needed more coaching. I thought she shouted too much during her song, which is not good. In spite of this, she still did a decent job in this knockout.

8:06 pm Sarah – Sophia (because it was hers before. Duh!)
Bamboo – Patricia.
Sharon agrees.

8:06 pm It’s now Lea’s turn to choose!

Lea: “I am picking you..”

And commercial break. The Voice Teens will be right back, after commercials of such things like Choco Mucho and Master with zero oil.

8:13 PATRICIA advances to the live rounds!

So this goes down for FamiLEA: Mica, Chan and Patricia goes through to the live shows!

Last night, Emarjhun, Queenie and Lala from Kamp Kawayan (Bamboo’s group) also got through.

Congratulations to all of them!

And that’s about it for tonight’s live blog. As much as you want another live blog for next week.. unfortunately I am only going to return for the live rounds. See you then on the live shows! 🙂

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