What You Missed: JUNE 23

It’s Friday once again!

© @edenisabellahair

1. First and foremost, in the world of music.. does anyone remember Charice? (S)he now goes by the name “Jake Zyrus” and it’s awesome.

© @jakezyrusmusic: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and respect. I love you back and I’m sending peace to everyone.

2. More music to expect in 2017! Including David Archuleta..

© @davidarchie: In the studio today working with the lovely and very sweet @madilynpaige_ for another song that is yet to come!

3. ..and Mackenzie Bourg.

© @mackenziebourg: how i feel knowin this time next month i’ll finally have a new single out, r u ready?

4. Another person who has experienced “The Voice” like Mackenzie, Mica Becerro, said she was so happy.

© @kamaiiiiii: I’m just so happy

5. SURPRISE! Guess who had a show this week?

© @amyers225: So yeah I just met Clark Beckham in a coffee shop!!! Still having a heart attack😭😄

6. Not only was it a homecoming show, it was also a live recording for his new album!

But wait..

There’s more!

Each song he made will raise funds for the adopt-a-box program! Talk about social involvement.

© @amysue425: This dude though!!!! #sang

7. More handsome musicians!

© @liampayne: What’s so funny? 😂

© @liampayne: #FidgetGang

© @martingarrix: WOW Belfast this was really crazy 🙏🏼❤
© @kris_allen

Happy birthday, Kris Allen!

8. It’s June.. but it’s still summer out here, am I right??

© @mtulaylay

8. You know what else is more sunny? ⛅ Nadine Lustre and her sunflowers of James. 🌻 🌻

@nadzlustre @jd.cagayan

Pick one.

9. Which made sense, but nothing else about JaDine made more sense than their almost 2-year-old TV series that will already air on Jeepney TV!

© @leigh_p311

10. The best way to convince your papa not to bother you or bibi.

© @raycharlesnyc

11. For those who ♥ cake no matter how fat you are, you’re safe.

© @raycharlesnyc

12. It’s rainbow beauty time! 🌈

© @iamrachelcrow

13. Who looks better? Selena or Ariana? 🌈

© @_selenaariana_2

14. Hey girlies! You can even make your nails that pretty!

© @teenvogue

(Wanna know what our hidden treasure is? We’ll show you where it is as long as you look under each of your nails!)

15. Now it’s time for #FlashbackFriday. I still miss 2013.

© @australianswiftie.13

16. As well as that person who personally made my 2013. He’s now doing some stuff I’ve been waiting for him to do in a very long time.

© @laz1227

17. How about we go three decades back? I miss this legend, even if we lost him last year.

© @iamsteveharveytv: Starting off the week right with some Prince, a legend gone too soon… Comment your favorite Prince song. #AfricanAmericanMusicAppreciationMonth #Prince Photo: Billboard

“When Doves Cry”.

18. Finally, it’s pretty girls time!

© @michelledyy
© @kendalljenner

19. Gal Gadot may have to be the prettiest gal ATM.

© @gal_gadot
© @gal_gadot

20. What makes her prettier is her portrayal of an icon of feminism.

© @thehollywoodians

21. What makes her even prettier is that she wouldn’t mind if one will make fun of her a bit in a more positive way. I guess.

© @ofcaldub_malay

22. Most of all, what made Gal a pretty gal is her shoutout to this following transformation from some dude who can also be qualified as a pretty gal.

© @gal_gadot

That’s Paolo Ballesteros, a TV host and actor, ICYDK. He’s best known for his 2014 makeup transformation videos and for winning Best Actor in Tokyo Film Festival for “Die Beautiful”.

© @pochoy_29

22. I have a request though. Can he transform next into this following girl, Lauren Reid? (James Reid’s older sister)

© @rogueonline

25. She graced the cover of Rogue magazine and she’s beautiful!

© @rogueonline

(sorry for the NSFW photo)

26. You see? Don’t you think they look alike??


27. Finally.

© @teenchoicefox

I have not even nominated anyone this year.

And now you may refer to Jake’s IG post above.


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