Mica Beccerro from 2020 Explains Her Future To Us (TVTP Reimagined)

Hi 2017. I’m from the future. Yes, the future roster of Star Magic/MCA Music artists who promises to always innovate and bring something new to our fans.

I guess it’s also safe to say that I’m one of the most popular Filipina celebrities and musical acts from the 2020s.

Not only did I re-introduce a genre once loved but long forgotten before successfully crossing over to pop, I still maintained a lifelong resonance with fellow Millennials/Gen Zs like me through making operatic songs appealing to our generation.

By the way, I’m Mica Mille Beccerro, 21 years old, and I’m a classical crossover singer/actress/model from the Philippines.

My fans from 2020 may have remembered me from winning The Voice Teens three years ago (which is this year to readers in 2017), after a slew of my renditions of operatic songs and arias won you over – coaches, fans and viewers alike.

I was no ordinary contestant. In fact, I was like, the only person who would do opera in a live, televised singing competition here in the Philippines! No one in Philippine TV history ever did that, at least as far as I can recall.

I joined The Voice Teens because I wanted to inspire the youth not only to focus on one genre but to explore.

Looking back, before I joined The Voice, I used to sing “kundiman” songs (those type of old love songs which was popular in the Philippines before pop came along). When I was 15, I enrolled in voice lessons and it’s when I realized that I should do more opera from then on. It’s when I started to love and appreciate the genre even more.

When I did my piece, “Queen of the Night” from the opera “The Magic Flute”, I wasn’t expecting any of the coaches to turn!

I was not expecting.. but I was hoping. I was hoping for at least one of the coaches to turn for me, only to assure myself that there has to be at least anyone who would appreciate my style.

Surprise! I got a four-chair turn!

Then I picked Coach Lea Salonga, not because I was moved by her backstory but because I’ve been a fan of Ms. Lea since my childhood. Her style aligns so well with mine, so I was sure that I’ll learn a lot and improve my singing in the long run.

Each performance henceforth has led me to win the first Teen season of The Voice of the Philippines.

Fast forward to three years, and I am living the life I have never expected when I was only starting out in 2017.

I’m now a highly successful classical crossover singer in the Philippines. While I do sing opera, I’ve also crossed over to pop and became the first Filipina singer to become successful in both genres.

I’ve dropped a couple of albums and one EP, and they all went Platinum. Most of my singles have made the charts both on Spotify and in Myx, and they were on heavy rotation in most Philippine radio stations.

I also lent my voice to a lot of theme songs to teleseryes (soap operas/TV series) and films from ABS-CBN and Star Cinema.

Aside from becoming a recording artist, I also tried my hand at acting and has appeared in a few teleseryes and films. I also became a model for a few clothing lines here in the Philippines and I have graced several magazine covers and featured stories. I also did a few product endorsements as well.

But all these success were just thick and tasty icings on the cake, as my greatest achievement is when I made opera “pop”.

By the year 2020, opera would soon enter the mainstream and hence becoming a very important part of OPM (original Pilipino/Philippine music), and you’ll thank me for it. And if it wasn’t for my bravery back in 2017, when I auditioned for The Voice Teens, that would have never happened.

That’s why I came back from the future to thank you all. I’m here in my past, 2017, not only to look back at what has shaped me now, but also to leave a message to my first few fans. I want them to know that there are many great things to expect in the next three years, and that you’re going to be happy for me and for the entire music industry.

Thank you so much for everything!

xoxo, Mica B

(This is just my creative prediction of what may happen to Mica Beccerro in the next three years. Photos courtesy of Mica’s Instagram account and @officialmicabeccerro.teamb, edited by Yours Truly on YouCam app)

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