Here’s What A Recent Graduate Has To Say About College

​It’s the middle of June – the time of the year when most of you are in school, whether you are in first or second grade, high school, or in some cases, even college.

If you’re in college, chances are that you’re in the middle of your journey. Congratulations! You made it halfway! But if you’re in twelfth grade, then you must be wondering how college or university life will be like. Do not be scared about it; I myself have been in your positions also – and went through everything in college and now I just graduated, and I can tell you that college is going to be among the greatest experiences in your life. You’ll grow, and at the same time you’ll have fun! And I assure you that getting your diploma is actually not that difficult.

Today I’ll be sharing some tips and what else to expect from college, and this would be essential for those who are about to enter college, as well as those who are currently in college. These are all based from my experiences. I hope these will help you.

Emma Watson © WeHeartIt

1. Family always comes first.

Normally, college students either live with their parents or away from them, and the reason for this is that location may not be an issue anymore when it comes to choosing colleges.

If you happened to be living in a dorm or a nearby condo, then congratulations! This means that you are more independent and responsible, and more ready for the real world. That, however, has a downside. There will be times when you’ll be feeling homesick. It will really help if you will call your parents once in a while. Call them. Talk to them. Update them about each moment that you’ve encountered in college, from completing your thesis to your small romance with that cute guy in your org – and tell them how much you’ve missed them.

On the other hand, there are some students who still live with their parents even while in college. I did live with my parents and siblings, but it doesn’t mean that I did not experience the same feeling of homesickness as illustrated by coping with the change in academic schedule (more on that later) so it’s really important to give some time to spend with your family.

2. Academics vs. Org is the war you may have to be ready to fight for.

At some point in your freshman year, you may be persuaded by higher year-level school mates to join an org or two. I’m not, in any way, discouraging you to join one; you actually have to try because you’ll learn a lot and you’ll also make new friends!

But please bear in mind that while you do your duty to your chosen organization, it’s important to not let your academics fall behind, as it is still the real reason why you are in college in the first place. There will come a time when you will have to choose between academics and org. Well, it’s up to you on how you will make the decision, for as long as both are not compromised.

3. Make good use of your access to technology.

One great thing about us Millennials is that we attended college at the time when social media, computers and the internet influenced all of us. Technology helped me a lot in my studies in so many ways, whether it’s a group chat on Facebook Messenger or just merely Googling stuff for your research paper.

Whatever the purpose is, make great use of the available technology in college. It really helps if you own a laptop, but if not, it’s ok. Hit up those available computers instead! If your college has a computer room like ours, use them. Take advantage of technology; it will really help you.

4. You may need to adjust to the new academic schedule.

This is something I would have told myself as soon as semesters began to start in August and January. That shift will force college students to attend classes during summer instead of just having fun at the beach and chill, and in some cases, juniors may even have to take their internships in the midyear. Imagine how tough it is to lose summer? My advice is for you to accept and make the most out of your time to enjoy, then it’s up to you on how you’ll make it interesting.

5. And lastly, treasure your relationships you formed in college.

These include your friends, classmates, blockmates, professors and everyone else involved. These are the people you’ve been spending time with every day in school, and you may have shared some great moments and a few issues concerning school, too. Give value to your relationships with them because you owe everything to them, including your hard work, and you simply wouldn’t survive college without them.



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