What You Missed: JUNE 9

Hey hey, welcome back! It’s been a long time since you haven’t seen anything on my Instagram news feed and tonight you’ll see them again which includes (but not limited to) the following: A teen soprano, #OneLoveManchester and Maine Mendoza in a bikini.

© @arianagrande

1. The list begins with its most important subject matter.

Last June 4, following the attacks in Manchester, UK, Ariana Grande and a slew of other musical acts had put together a benefit show called “One Love Manchester”.

There were a lot of great moments in the programme, and among others, Ari’s duet with Coldplay had to be one of my favorites.

© @arianagrande

I loved that as much as the moment she hugged a twelve-year-old in tears.

© @arianagrande

2. Meant to Be is ending soon, and as a reward the cast were given a chance to visit Singapore.

© @artistcenter

Or in that case, a baggage area at the airport.

3. But another series makes me excited, Impostora.

© @wenalabspink

Not just for these girls, but for this “girl”:

© @wilfredtabs

Pak na pak!

4. Furthermore, this girl proved to us that television does not always have to be about fictional programmes.

© @micabecerro.teambaliwags

The girl you see above is from The Voice Teens Philippines. Her name is Mica Becerro, 17, from Surigao del Norte, Philippines. You may think she’s another pop singer from somewhere.. But guess what?

She’s an operatic soprano.


Watch her show-stopping audition on The Voice Teens below ↓

Aside from singing (incredibly well), she’s also a make-up enthusiast and potential model. Who would think a girl this pretty can SANG?? (grammatical error intended)

© @kamaiiiiii
© @kamaiiiiii

5. Moving to another rising musician, I really cannot wait for Clark Beckham to release his new album! He’s been silent lately – he hasn’t been doing anything since Rally Idol last January, other than his concert in Sarasota last May.

Tonight a shot from his photoshoot with @_jjbryant should give us a sneak peek of what’s to come.

© @_jjbryant
© @_jjbryant

ICYDK he was the runner-up of American Idol two years ago. If you can still remember, he wrote for Rally Foundation about how participating in Rally Idol changed his life. I’ve been a fan of that person for two years and even if it’s challenging, that will never change.♥

Lately he was in Paris with friends including Jon Bellion.. a few moments before the attacks in nearby Notre Dame Cathedral.

© @clarkbeckham

I was actually so worried for him that day, but don’t. He’s perfectly fine right now.

6. Before we move on, let’s take a moment first to go back to 2013 and remember Taylor Swift’s “Red” days.

© @taylorswift.zone

And Lazaro and Janelle, whom I so loved and missed on American Idol back in the day.

© @laz1227

Oh, how I missed 2013!

7. Looks like someone has a batchmate!

© @onlyvenusraj

Beauty queen Venus Raj recently graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of the Philippines. Congratulations!

8. Baby Olivia has a new look!

© @daisyizon

Curly tops pa more.

8. But who would imagine her in Viber stickers? I wonder how they would look like.

© @deanne_dalisay
© @deanne_dalisay

Awwww.. I thought that’s cuuuute!

9. Finally, here’s Maine Mendoza showing off a lot of things in Maldives. And by that, I mean a lotThe one she shared today has to be among my faves.

© @mainedcm


You want more? She’ll give you more..

Tuesday. © @mainedcm

..and more..

Wednesday. © @mainedcm

..and MORE….

Thursday. © @mainedcm

OMG I’m a girl but I GOT FRIED. 🍳🔥

Beshies what do you think?

Me? To be honest, I was actually waiting for Mica’s turn! Haha. No offense and I’m definitely not pressuring her. Well I guess we’ll all have to wait and see until she’s old enough to do that. Love you, Mica!♥

10. Well I guess that’s about it. I’ll leave you everyone with an encouraging message from Gabbi Garcia and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

© @_gabbigarcia

Choose life.


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