5 Reasons Why Club Punta Fuego is the Best Place To Spend The Last Few Days of Summer

Summer may be almost over, but it’s not too late for a little more adventure. This is especially going to be favorable for recent graduates (like me 😝), as well as some undergraduates who may only actually be starting summer like, now.. and have little to no time for doing so (this is your chance, Miriam College undergraduates!). So if you really want to take a break and explore an undiscovered place, then I might have the place for you.

Last May 18-19 (barely a week before graduating from college), me and my family went to a trip to Nasugbu, Batangas for an overnight stay in Club Punta Fuego, a peninsula resort located at the town’s shores. Located around 90 kilometers (2-3 hours) from Manila, Club Punta Fuego is a very awesome go-to place this summer and you might want to check that out. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The view

The first thing guests will notice upon entering the peninsula (the “club”, as we call it) is a scenic view of the West Philippine Sea surrounding every corner of the road.

Yes, the West Philippine Sea – you know, the one we and China are fighting over for its ownership but is clearly ours 😝. And the West Philippine Sea deserved to be really ours, not only because the Constitution said so.. but for providing the Philippines with some of its natural beauty, as seen through its bright blue color marrying with the mountainous islands and pretty houses surrounding it.

No wonder it gives guests an impression of paradise upon entrance to the peninsula. And take their fancy cameras (or fancy camera phones) from their pockets or bags to take a photograph of the stunning view only to flood Instagram newsfeeds with images of the West Philippine Sea.

2. The rooms

Unless you are a resident, guests stay in small houses called “casitas”, some of which may give them a view of the blue sea.

The casitas are equipped with, among others, airconditioned bedrooms, which each includes a flat screen television set, free Wi-Fi access, a study table, a small terrace which allows guests to take a glimpse of the incredible sea view, and a “mini-bar” – a small fridge containing food one may think it is free but it’s not.

Warning: Be very careful with the mini-bar. One food consumption = additional charge to your accommodation.

The rooms were actually expensive, so I was really fortunate to have a family member who became a “member” of Club Punta Fuego. Because of this, we were given a coupon allowing us to stay overnight. Fortunately, we were assigned to a casita closest to the sea. Incredible.

3. Breakfast

As “club members”, we had the chance to take breakfast in San Diego restaurant, located in the peninsula. The breakfast contains lots of choices of food for, pretty much, everyone, who has different types and preferences for breakfast.

There’s rice and eggs and some types of fried stuff. There’s also fruits, and bread, and even cereal, with so many types of cereal including oats, granola, corn flakes, koko krunch, etc.

The breakfast was really yummmmy. Let’s not forget lunch, too, which wasn’t bad. But breakfast was awesome.

4. Infinity pools

It’s not rare to see an infinity pool in one of the resorts somewhere. However, Club Punta Fuego’s is really something. This is especially perfect for people who aren’t into beaches; the illusion of these pools (both located in the peninsula and in the Terrazas, another resort owned by Punta Fuego) connecting to the scenic West Philippine Sea gives anyone the impression that you are actually in the beach. When you are not.

Though you’ll only miss the sand.

5. Exploring Nasugbu.

One of the most exciting things about our holiday is that we were not limited to Club Punta Fuego’s premises. Travelling around Nasugbu is always a great idea, as we were able to explore undiscovered places and learned more about the town. We did that while driving back and forth from the peninsula to the Terazzas. For dinner, we chose to eat in Jollibee at the town proper because we only depend on coupons for club facilities (that includes food).

Being a graduating student from college at the time of this experience, it’s safe to say that it was one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. I hope the same happens to you when you choose to visit Club Punta Fuego, because I assure you, you won’t regret it.

You can get to Club Punta Fuego through SLEX, take Sta. Rosa exit leading you to Tagaytay, which then leads you to Nasugbu and you go straight all the way, following some random signs taking you to Club Punta Fuego, until it finally points to a very little road to your left, which will then take you all the way to the peninsula and you got it!


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