Internship: Week 4

First things first, if ever you are expecting photos of the workplace, due to time constraints since the visita was already near unfortunately we were not able to generate photos at ​ work​ . 😦 But it is fine though – considering the nature of this work which is field work, I have instead uploaded some photos (and a video too) from the ocular which is attached along with this journal.


I may still be sad that I was not able to attend any of the tours, but it does not mean that I had nothing else to do only for me to finish this internship. At this very moment I had just completed my 200 hours – no, wait, 219 hours​ for my internship at MEET., Inc.! It’s pretty incredible, considering that not everyone is able to complete 200 hours effortlessly. It may even be a challenge to some, especially to those who had other subjects during the same term like me. This is where time management becomes a challenge to students who are taking job training. I was very fortunate to have a lot of time to complete 200 hours. In my case, I am taking this job training during a real semester and not during the summer term when it is normally offered, which, in turn, has a very limited time for students to complete the required number of hours. Because of it, I went beyond my requirement, making it to 219 hours.

The question is.. did all these long hours make sense? Did I learn anything from my experiences? Were they worth it?

As I had missed the visita iglesia, I was expected to be given alternative work. Here is what I did during the final three days.

April 5

I was told to help out with coming up with spiels for the tour guides. The tour dates were already fast approaching, and given that we hired professional tour guides for participants to make the most out of their experiences, we had to make them ready through providing spiels based on what we had researched on.

For April 5 it was conceptualization day, then I started writing as soon as we were done. On that day, I was briefed by my supervisor about the bloodier part of organizing the tours. Following the write-ups and research for the venues (in this case, churches), which followed conceptualization which took place before I interned, a lot of things will have to go on for the organizer. This is where the costing​ and logistics​ come in. For the costing, all expenses will have to be computed – among those covered include (but not limited to) the buses, food, tour guides and research and management. It is also where outsourcing comes into play – in this case, they outsourced bus providers, catering (because they ate buffet lunch) and tour guides who are accredited by the government.

April 6

We simply continued writing the spiels. After we have planned the previous day, I just continued with what I had left off the previous day. By the way, I was doing Tarlac and Pampanga. They’re all based on what I wrote last February. The spiels after all will have to include information not only about the churches, but the towns and provinces as well. There I realized that the tours were indeed a combination of a pilgrimage and a field trip for families and friends.

April 7

The last day of my internship!!!! I did the Cavite spiel on that day. As always, similar content. But thinking that the first visita tour is already on the next day, by this day everything must be done. Hence it was expected that pamphlets were already printed. As I was looking at the pamphlets, I was beginning to have a sense of fulfillment as these were what I worked hard for, what I have juiced up my mind and Google and what I have beaten some of the most ridiculous deadlines for. The thing here though is that everything that I did was not adopted fully into each pamphlet but only highlights from write-ups a participant needs to know. Which is fine, since I was expected my work to be edited anyway. I somehow knew my purpose of writing write-ups, which is to research and give ideas to come up with an informative pamphlet.


With that I am concluding my four-part internship series. Of course, I have picked up a lot of things from my 219-hour experience that I may apply in the future, once I set foot into a path I’m going to take. At the moment I still don’t know what I wanted to do after graduation, but events may not be the first option to come to mind. However, I’ll still not regret this experience. Besides that being a requirement to complete my degree in Communication, it had also equipped me with skills, immersions and a new mindset that I will need once I join the real world. These are definitely necessary in any field I will go into, even if it is not Communication.


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