Music Series: Kim Wilde

Back in the day she’s one of the biggest names in pop music. Born to a musical royalty, she not only epitomized the 80s through her work, but her music strongly resonated with and influenced generations to come. Know more today about the woman behind the hits “Kids in America” and “You Keep Me Hanging On”, Kim Wilde.

English singer Kim Wilde must have followed in the footsteps of her father, Marty Wilde of the 50s, but with a sound that had to be appropriate with her era, as epitomized in her synth-driven hits such as “Kids In America”, “Cambodia”, and her 80s synthpop cover of 60s hit “You Keep Me Hanging On”.

She made her breakthrough in 1981 with “Kids in America”, a feat only to be replicated five years later with “You Keep Me Hanging On” which cracked the charts in several countries and topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Having sold over 10 million albums and 20 million singles, Kim Wilde has easily established herself as one of the pre-eminent pop divas of the 1980s, and her music continues to be enjoyed by generations of listeners to this day.

As of today, she continues to make some music while pursuing an alternative career as a gardener. Interesting. At least you know who to call if ever you want anyone to design your backyard for the summer!

For those who just can’t get enough of the 80s, you can check her playlist below on Spotify to enjoy some of her hits.

© Spotify user @luisnumber1


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