COLDPLAY: A musical and visual experience for celebrities and friends

Did you ever find yourself singing, I used to ruuuule the world..

Well you’re in luck if you were at the Mall of Asia concert grounds yesterday! Last night, April 4, British group Coldplay set foot to the Philippines and staged their very first concert in the country. Known for the hits “The Scientist”, “Clocks”, “Fix You”, “Viva La Vida” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” – all of which are incredibly good songs – among many others, it is not surprising to find out on social media that many familiar faces were at the Mall of Asia open grounds in Pasay City just to see their favorite band, celebrities and friends alike.

I may have missed the concert though, but with the help of social media I myself can already say, through Instagram and Facebook posts, that their show has been both a visual and musical masterpiece – one of the many things that clearly cemented Coldplay’s status as one of the leading rock bands of the 21st century.

Besides I’m also preparing an experience of my own, so missing last night isn’t a problem to me. After all, Coldplay still holds a place in my heart as one of my favorite bands.

Lots of celebs from the Philippines were seen attending the concert. These include:

  • Kathryn and Daniel
© Instagram @kathniel_cavite
  • Sarah and Matteo
© Instagram @justsarahandmatteog
  • DongYan
© Instagram @ashmatt.maichard
  • John and Isabel
© Instagram @iamjohnprats
  • Mikee Quintos (Lira of Encantadia)
© Instagram @mqsweeties
  • Joshua and Julia
© Instagram @juliabarrettogarcia
  • And of course, my favorite: Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards!
© Instagram @aldub.scientist

You may be wondering why they just happened to be together at last night’s concert.

That, however, remains a mystery. Unless they confirm, of course. But then it’s so easy to believe that they’re IT.

Besides these celebrity sightings, some of my friends from Miriam College have also attended the Coldplay concert. Being Communication majors/typical Millennials that they are, it’s not surprising that they have brilliantly captured the visual masterpiece that is Coldplay.

Complete with fireworks

© Instagram @lanz.aberin
© Instagram @dinucleotide

Confetti showers

© Instagram @kylieverzosa
© Instagram @thekhalilramos


© Instagram @annnamariano

And a shot of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin singing his heart out.

© Instagram @jaowhenwhere

To anyone who have missed the concert last night (like me), don’t worry! You can enjoy a full video of one of their shows from the group’s A Head Full Of Dreams tour below ↓

The set list must be very similar to the ones you have missed last night, as the Manila concert is after all also part of the A Head Full Of Dreams tour.

If you want more of their music (or if you’re curious of who they are), you may also stream this playlist of Coldplay’s most iconic songs on Spotify.

Special thanks to all the owners of these incredible photos from Instagram and Facebook for sharing your experiences!

Cover: © Instagram @roxyoquialda edited by Yours Truly

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