What You Missed: MARCH 31

Hey readers! Today I’m going to make another list of what you’ve missed from my Instagram feed. These images range from all aspects of popular culture – celebrities, music, and since it’s summer (and it’s also April tomorrow), we’ll also have to include travel.

1. First and foremost, I saw this photo of Maine Mendoza and at first I thought it was Taylor Swift.

It was from her Mega Magazine photo shoot. She’s got that full bangs, she’s got that lips and all – all these things make her look nothing more than a Red-era Taylor.

Just take a look:

The resemblance is uncanny.

2. Meet the people from Club Penshoppe.

I have never imagined that after so many years of endorsements ranging from Mandy Moore to Kendall Jenner, One Direction and Gigi Hadid, they’ll finally get Filipinos to endorse the brand. Interesting.

3. Enthusiasm with cats.

4. Some travel photos.

5. Some food and flat lays.

6. Notice this heart-shaped rock?

That rocks.

7. Really?

Hit me baby one more time.

8. Finally, our quote for the day.

9. With that, I’m now signing off.

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