Internship: Week 3

Hello readers! It’s been a long time since I’ve last updated my internship stories, but I’m back and today I’m sharing you stories from the rest of my internship since I’m almost done. Yay!

As an intern, I welcomed March with something new and fresh. Not only was I immersed into new activities in my internship, but it was also a month for a lot of firsts.

First time for many things

Because we entered the new month during Communication Week, with two required activities under my belt, for the first time I missed a few days of interning. I did those to comply with the requirements Commsoc had given me. Again (but from another angle though), time management was a challenge to me but at least it was not as overwhelming as before. It was worth it, after all, because I enjoyed the activities which I participated in Comm Week and learned from them.

Although some readers may have already seen the first two of my internship series in this blog, this is actually the first time to write a journal entry straight to this blog. The first two were originally written last February 17 and 24 and they were only transferred to The Imaginary Life just this month.

These happened after I created this blog which I consider as a side activity for me to do this summer, and eventually after graduation. Although my internship specializes on events, as a DMP minor (it means digital media production) I did this to marry all of my interests together in one activity – writing, multimedia production, graphic design, sharing stories (real or fiction), experiences and opinions and popular culture. And my experiences in this internship can be a great content to my future posts which may not limit to these journal entries.

Press Release

Upon learning from the internship that a press release of the event appeared on The Philippine Daily Inquirer, I asked how it happened. Eventually, my employer explained to me how a press release works — which made sense to me, since I’ve been curious about the idea of press releases.

From what we have talked about, a press release is basically a short write-up or copy promoting an event or any other subject matter, written in a publication such as a newspaper or a magazine, much like an advertisement.

The difference between an ad and a press release is:

(1) An ad is much more expensive than a press release

(2) A press release is an actual article in a publication, or in some cases a write-up within an article

(3) It is subject to the editors of the publication

Considering #3, a press release may not always follow the client’s desired time of publication. For example, if one prefers to have his/her press release published in a week, it only turned out to be published after two weeks. In fact, it may not even come out. In other words, it is beyond his/her control. The reasons behind it may include content and space requirements.

Normally, a press release is written by an outsourced publicist or public relations agency, but in this case my employer was the one who wrote the press release.


The press release for the visita iglesia tours was published on The Philippine Daily Inquirer last March 6. Included are the details of the tours and contact details to anyone who are interested.
I have a copy, by the way. It’s quite simple, but enough for readers to consider going to one.

This journal entry will cover around three weeks in one, however I may not have to write day by day entries due to the high similarity of tasks and experiences in most days for the month of March and that I could not remember which happened when.

For this month, I did not report for work on March 1st because I attended a tutorial meeting and at the same time I was completing a school project on that day. I also missed March 6 because it was the day of the annual video festival and the beginning of Communication Week, and March 10 because I attended Commpose, the final event of Comm Week.

March 2-3

What I did for the first two days of March was to send an email blast to a long list of contacts the company has long kept. There is an existing database of contacts to which La Isla, the touring unit of MEET, Inc., annually sends an email blast to for years.

In it is a letter containing details of the two packages offered by the company: The Tarlac-Pampanga package and the Cavite package. Details include schedules tour itinerary, list of churches and deadline of payment.

Upon sending these, I remembered something I had been similarly doing in the past. I was an AIESEC member from 2013-2016, where I, for a very long time, became a member of the Outgoing Exchange Department. As part of the department, I remembered sending texts (and occasionally emails) to interested students who wish to go on an exchange to other countries. With that, somehow, it was far less overwhelming than my prior tasks because it was easy and I enjoyed doing it.

March 7-9, 13-present

I was told that a press release has been released to the Philippine Daily Inquirer,and with that, inquiries from interested people were expected. From then on, for the rest of my internship what I had been doing was simple: I only responded to inquiries we have received either through phone calls or emails. If someone has confirmed his/her participation in any of the offered tours and has sent their payments to the company’s bank account (proven through emailing a photograph of their deposit slips), I send them an acknowledgment receipt confirming of their participation.

I honestly do not remember when and who and what became significant about the calls, but from there I was able to be immersed into different types of people simply through hearing their voices on the telephone. I have easily applied whatever I learned from the last tutorial meeting, however the case was different – I was talking to clients/customers and not colleagues. I really had to make a nice impression so that I won’t disappoint them and that they got wjat they wanted, and in this case I did not have any problem doing it, especially since I was also helped by my employer. A lot of them seems interested though, and I can’t wait to meet them if ever I will attend the tour itself.

What is next

Since everything for the visita iglesia tours have already been accomplished, all that is left for us now is to experience the actual event!

I was invited to join either the Tarlac-Pampanga tour or the Cavite tour for free, and she asked my mom if she could join us to better explain about each church and to experience as well. That, however, is something we are sure of, but I am more than willing to join the event since it will not only add 13 hours but I also want to see the fulfillment achieved by all the hard work these past few weeks and also I would really want to experience what it’s like attending a visit iglesia in churches I may have never been to.


I’m inviting you to join us in prayer and experience our visita iglesia on April 8 (Tarlac and Pampanga) and April 12 (Cavite). You can make a reservation through email at

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