What You Missed: MARCH 15

Here you go, because of what I’ve been seeing on Instagram lately I have decided.. why not share what I see? Starting today, this is what you are going to see on The Imaginary Life every Wednesday.

From Destined to Meant to Be, and from Big O to Baby O, here are some of the things about pop culture that you may have missed this week based on my Instagram feed.

1. Starting this list is Destined to be Yours. Sinag, Benjie – are they it??

© Instagram @destinedtobeyours_ofc

2. Moving to another teleserye, here are the Meant to Be guys posing like they’re One Direction from another planet.

© Instagram @kenbiewarriors

3. Summer is definitely here guyth.

© Instagram @foldedandhungph

I have a pen, and watermelon.. 🍉

4. But no one would ever pull that off more than a two-year-old baby posing in a swimsuit alongside grown women.

© Instagram @andimanzano

#SquadGoals for sure.

5. Let’s not forget Meant to Be’s Ethan and Andoy patronizing the summer line of a popular clothing brand.

© Instagram @foldedandhungph
© Instagram @jakroberto

Is it May yet??

6. Speaking of, kiss me hard before you go, summertime hotness. Thank you, Lana.

Even if it’s spring in America, you won’t believe that Clark Beckham will be following in their footsteps.

© Instagram @clarkbeckham

That’s it. I’m going to have a word with F&H.

7. As much as I ♥ boys, in the end I’m saving the best for last. March is International Women’s Month, so it’s only fitting that we wrap up with Olivia Rox, a woman, showing off her GaGa-inspired look for fashion week!

© Instagram @oliviarox

Get the look by clicking here

Catch up again next Wednesday for another set of things you missed. Thank you, readers!

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