COMMpose: A Night For the Arts

The first week of March is when Miriam College annually holds the Communication Week, and as a student I had this awesome opportunity to attend its final event, which has also been its biggest, Commpose: A Night For The Arts, which was held last Friday, March 10.

What made it different from other events, let alone Miriam College, was the event itself becoming a platform for talented Communication students to perform in front of MC students. Performances range from music, dance and spoken word, with some of them having been my classmates and a few of them became my friends.

It was said to have a special guest by the end; however because of other commitments me and my friends weren’t able to finish the programme and went home early. In spite of it, we did not miss out on any of the fun, from start to finish!

The stage is set!

Patricia and Katrina 🙂

Me and my friends who didn’t mind getting our pants and skirts on the grass.

But first, let me take a selfie!📱📷

C*CATT model took us to fashion week!

(C*CATT models is an organization of Communication students with an interest to become a model and walk down the runway)

Let’s not forget that the night may also double as the birthday party for our Queen. Happy birthday to our very awesome chairperson of the Department of Communication, Dr. Margarita Acosta!

Oh, and here’s the audio-visual presentation of the event that Google had helped me put together.

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