What is the Imaginary Life?

The Imaginary Life. What is it?

One night, someone suggested over dinner that the term known as imaginary life is a bad thing. Based on that, it could be something that puts us off from reality because it disables us to put our attention, energy and passion to more important things such as school, work and chores.

Based on that, the imaginary life is defined as,

A make-believe or fantasy world which one sees as a comfort zone, with tendencies to disconnect from reality, and is normally attributed to popular culture

Well I have to be honest. That made sense. Our takeaway from our conversation basically is to avoid our own imaginary lives, even if reality can be worse. Sometimes, you really have to sacrifice some things that makes you happy for the greater good.

It may be the reason why I was not always the best student, daughter or person. It may be for that reason that I sometimes make the most ridiculous mistakes to my family and friends, to my colleagues, and to myself. It may also be the reason why sometimes I wasn’t so interested with things that matter more. Because who else wouldn’t want to take a quick escape from reality for a moment, right?

However, in my opinion it doesn’t always have to be bad. First of all, it’s precisely the reason why I took Communication in college. As an enthusiast of popular culture, that major seems to be in my comfort zone (considering that I’m almost graduating).

And while the imaginary life can be detrimental to our obligations, I believe that it can also lead us to success. Because who says that one can only be successful without it? ‘Cause that’s what the dinner tells me.

Let’s stop the misconception, everyone. The imaginary life is my life and I’m committed to it. Don’t worry, I’ll still stick to my morals – I’ll still do what is right and refrain from doing what is wrong. But I’m here to change the misconception about the imaginary life.

I’ve always wanted to be a blogger, and yet I did not know where to start. I’ve written a lot through WordPress; however none of them seemed to last. Eventually I decided to revive and give it a new title based on the principles of the “imaginary life”.

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