Internship: Week 2

(originally written Feb. 24, 2017)

This week in my internship had one day that actually stood out from the rest of the other days – the ocular!

I was so excited because I was able to travel to other areas in the Philippines and visit churches. Of course, I had to be exposed as well to how events were being planned and implemented, most particularly about the purpose of the ocular.


I learned that an ocular is loosely synonymous to a rehearsal when in events, but it is not actually a rehearsal but an on-site research. It is when you’ll only find out what venues to finalize, what best routes to take, estimated travel time, departure and arrival, etc.

This is why it is not surprising that organizers may go back and forth with the locations like what we had experienced. In an ocular, we are meant to make mistakes because it suggests a learning experience for us to better implement the event, because come the big day we are not allowed to make mistakes.

An ocular is best taken to events that involve a lot of travelling like the Visita Iglesia which will take place on April.

Other adjustment experiences

Aside from that, I also learned more about the culture of the real world. Honestly, there are some mannerisms that I have to change once I enter the workforce (and I still don’t even know where I should go into), like patting over the shoulder of someone higher in position and not responding formally in an email. I realized that these are inappropriate, and honestly I did not even like that kind of culture. Because of them, I was all the more afraid of the real world because it’s not like what it seems. It is going to be bigger than me.

Well, actually, I can always have a choice to not choose to take that path. For me, I’m entitled to be free to choose to do whatever I want after graduation, but the problem is that I do not know what I want to do. I just want to end up with a job that I am fully passionate about. But I am hoping that in the end, I’ll be able to know what is really for me.


Day 8 (Feb. 17)
I only learned from my employer that the ocular has been moved to February 19, a Sunday, and that we won’t be going to Central Luzon but to Southern Luzon.

Day 9 (Feb. 19)

The day of the ocular.

So I was with my employer, Ma. Bernadette Concepcion, an alumna of Miriam (Maryknoll) College, and her business partner, Tita Annabelle, who happened to be one of the professors from the Environment department in Miriam College, when we did the ocular. We toured across seven churches around Cavite and they all looked brilliant.

We first had our breakfast at Starbucks in SLEX, while still figuring out the best routes to take. I only learned of the new expressway called MCX (Muntinlupa-Cavite expressway) as they were about to take that road in order to get to the highway going to the province. After a few churches, we had our lunch at McDonald’s in Naic.

The first church that we’ve been to was in Dasmariñas. It is a church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Next we headed to Silang, Cavite, to get to the Church of Our Lady of the Candles. We also went through churches in Indang, Maragondon and Naic until we finally make our final stop at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Kawit, near the Aguinaldo shrine.

For the ocular, I was asked to input the time of arrival and departure of each churches we visited, which is why I brought along a notebook with me. I also took pictures of the churches for each time we stop. It was not actually a task I was asked me to do, but something I intended to do.

I noticed that they go back and forth with the locations and that they also always ask around. I was actually wondering how much gasoline they have spent for that! But then I realize that it was actually worth it since it was the purpose of the ocular, after all, which my employer explained at the end of the day.

Day 10 (Feb. 20)

I was asked to submit to her the times of the churches we have been to last Sunday. Because my timing in my notebook was so messy, I decided to transcribe my notes to word format and send to her email. I had trouble a bit since the venues weren’t clear and that some may have even been cancelled.

Day 11 (Feb. 21)

It was the most idle day to me so I already started planning the next days of work/school.

Day 12 (Feb. 22)

The day when I was asked to do a research and write-ups on the churches, their respective towns in Cavite and Cavite itself. From how I understood it, it says there “within the week” which was interpreted to me as “one week from now” so I thought that it was just all peaches and cream with cherry on top.

Day 13 (Feb. 23)

Upon realizing that the term “within the week” actually meant “Monday-Friday”, I got more pressured to finish my work. I still have a lot to finish and I was still nowhere halfway with my progress. Honestly I got burned out, and keeping that in mind when I started to work makes me realize that it was not easy to be in the real world. I’m not sure if I was ready, and honestly I want to give up.

But then, lesson learned. At least I now know what “within the week” means. But the safest way to do is to work early and plan ahead.

61 hours have been added to my previous 56 hours this week. I now have a total of 117 hours, and I have 83 left with a month and one week left for me to complete.

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