An open letter to graduating students

Dear graduating students,

I cannot start this piece without saying congratulations to all of us! At last, we made it. Because we are graduating, our four years (or five) of experiences are all worth it.

You’ve met so many people, good and bad, and you’ve encountered both triumphs and trials.. not to mention these awkward and crazy stuff, which is definitely not new to you.

I’m pretty sure you’ve been through the same rollercoaster ride as I had been last year. Like you, I’m also a graduating student and took some of these same classes you are already taking now. I know what it’s like – based on my personal experiences, I may have to say that it’s never going to be easy being in your position. However.. you must be enjoying every meeting in each of your classes.

You must have easily adjusted to the new schedule, and you won’t mind becoming responsible, beating deadlines, getting stressed and giving all of yourself to something you may not like even if you may have to do them at a time when you’re not supposed to. As if it isn’t a problem to you. Not only because you are already used to it, but because you’re glad you’ve been working with your favorite teachers. Some of you may even consider it as the best thing that may ever happen to you this summer.

And if that is true to you, then I must be happy for you. Congratulations, then. But if there’s anything about college life that we can all agree with.. then it would be that you must be in another Daria episode.

Crazy life, but you have your own perspective of it.

Which, to some of you, may usually be different from mine – ’cause I’m not like you. You’re not the stars of the programme, am I right?? I may be dedicated to doing everything for me to graduate but I also know how to have fun. But all these don’t even matter.

Again, as graduating students we have finally come to the finish line! We may not be batchmates.. but we’ll still be graduating together this 2017. And we have to thank everyone involved for that.

Thank you very much and congratulations to us once again! ♥

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