Internship: Week 1

(originally written Feb. 17, 2017)

An internship is supposed to be a learning experience, so it may not be easy. After all you are going to be immersed to the real world.

However, it may also only come as a misconception. With a lot of my friends telling me that they were enjoying their internship experiences, I am hoping that my experience will prove me wrong about my perception about internship.

Hi! This is my first journal entry, and before I will share with you my daily experiences I’m going to share first my thoughts and perceptions about internship before my own internship.

What is an internship, by the way?




the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

Before I entered the internship, I’ve always been contemplating whether taking it during the semester is the right decision. As Miriam College Communication students must know, I am supposed to take the internship during the summer/midyear term. Being eligible last 2016, in my case I was supposed to take it last June/July.

The problem was that I was not yet ready.

It was a time when I was dealing with the change in the school schedule (I assume it is the K-12 calendar). Perhaps it was my first time to attend school regularly in the months of April and May, and I could hardly imagine that since it is supposed to be “summer”.. and “summer” normally is associated with “vacation”, or “rest”. Instead, as college students we find ourselves doing regular school work in a time period when it’s not supposed to be that. Worse, it’s the time when the most stressful portion of the semester actually takes place, at a time when more and more workload and pressure may only take away our precious time and energy. And even worse, some of us may still have to take the job training right after, in the midyear, meaning vacations for us may only take weeks instead of months.

I applaud some of my classmates who were strong enough to go through that change like it was not a problem at all. But that was not the case for me. Anyone can tell me, “you are not alone, but why is it even a problem to you when it was not a problem to them?” It’s because I have a different opinion about the schedule.

Anyway I am saying this because it’s actually one of the many things which may have led me to not taking the internship last summer (term). I was having difficulty choosing a company. Should I have taken it on time, I would really choose to intern in a company which I am willing to give all of myself to, because I really want my experience to be worth it despite its undesirable schedule. I really wanted to enjoy the internship, which may be the reason why I was choosy.

I was not able to be accepted in any of the companies I signed up for. This may be bad news for some, but it was good news to me. Because my internship did not go through, I was able to get back the “summer” that I wanted and needed. But of course, being a graduating student, I was glad to still be able to graduate this May. I was allowed to take the internship in the second semester which is why I am here today.

So the company I ended up working with is MEET, Incorporated.

Company background

MEET, Incorporated, short for “Meetings, Events and Exhibitions, Incorporated”, is an events company headed by Miriam (then Maryknoll) College alumna Ma. Bernadette Concepcion. It is a small events company which hosts high-end corporate events. Its office is located along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

How it works

MEET is a relatively small company because it is outsourced. After all, it is how events normally does. In order to organize an event, the company hires people from other companies to make it happen, such as caterers, photographers, graphic designers, etc.


I ended up with MEET after applying to other companies, both specializing in writing and production. I’m honestly not an events person, but I’m fine giving it a try because aside from compliance, I may also realize that I may end up with events. It was done upon recommendation from my mom, who were blockmates with the employer.


Before starting last February 8, I was briefed by the employer about the internship. I was interviewed, shared our expectations and oriented about my tasks. From there I already knew about some things about the real world. I was told how I should be very particular with the language that I use, and I was also taught a few things about time management. That early I already gained learning experience from my internship, but I’m expecting more in the coming days.

Since I am only an intern, I cannot be given tasks to work for any major event yet. I was given the easiest project, and that is to work on a seven-church tour (Visita Iglesia) package for interested people who may want to go on a visita iglesia this Holy Week. Then I was also invited to join in an ocular this February 26 which is something I was really excited about!

Day 1 (Feb. 8)

My first task was to research and do a write-up of the seven churches. I was told the previous day about it, hence even if this is an events company in nature I was somehow still able to stay in my comfort zone. Writing for something seems to be in my lane, so I pretty much enjoyed the task.

These are the seven churches I searched for:

  • Shrine of St Josemaria Escriva – Gerona, Tarlac
  • Cathedral of San Sebastian – Tarlac City
  • Monasterio de Tarlac – San Jose, Tarlac
  • Cathedral of the Holy Rosary – Angeles, Pampanga
  • Church of Sta Rita – Sta. Rita, Pampanga
  • Church of St. James the Great – Betis, Guagua, Pampanga
  • Church of San Guillermo – Bacolor, Pampanga

These were also the churches I’m expecting to visit for our ocular!

Day 2 (Feb. 9)

So for the previous day, I did the research. For this day, I started writing and editing photos. I was given a past pamphlet/flyer as a template only for me to be given an idea what to write, as they were supposed to be part of a ne flyer to be printed later on.

Day 3 (Feb. 10)

The first thing I did for the day was to complete and submit the write-up that I did previously. I was not yet done, but I was almost done. Then I was asked to do another task – to do a write-up of the places the churches are located. In this case, the churches were located in Pampanga and Tarlac. Since these were two provinces, the task requires a lot of time to work on so I had to start really soon. I researched first on Pampanga and its selected towns.

Day 4 (Feb.13)

I was still doing that task, but this time I focused on writing. After two working days, I was already done with Pampanga, but then I realized that I still have to do research and write-up on Tarlac.

Day 5 (Feb. 14)

As we have noticed, it was predominantly about writing and researching. It may seem easy, but it’s not, and one such case about it happened in this day – yes, Valentine’s Day. It was the day when I had trouble keeping up with deadlines, and it shouldn’t be that when I am in the real world. I was afraid all the more.

On that day, I was finishing my write-up with Tarlac. I could not believe that I did everything with that province in only one day! I was also asked to do another task – to send photos of the seven churches I did a write-up on.

Day 6 (Feb. 15)

It was the most idle day of the week by far, so I already started working on this journal.

Day 7 (Feb. 16)

It was another idle day of the week, so all that happened was to ask my employer for the SEC certificate needed for the Department of Communication.

It was only the first week and I already learned a lot from this internship – one proof is that I reached the point of almost quitting because of pressure and so many other things. Because even if I have a lot of experience through five years in college, this internship only reminded me that the real world is way different and that I still have so much to learn.

I completed 56 hours within the first week, so it must be really impressive for me! I have 144 left with a month and two weeks left for me to complete.

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